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Making our mother earth green is the humanities obligation. In this phrase alone we are all oblige to do it, for the future of the coming generation.  For everyone knows that planting trees is a big help in our environment. Thus it is a good start in preventing environmental problems. By this, we all could do pleasurable things, like playing under the sun and strolling without any hesitations, that somehow in the air we breathe we could get viruses and germs that could all lead us to illness. So in planting tress, it is really beneficial for all of us, to do the things we want to. Planting trees reduce environmental problems, like air pollution. We start doing this at home, planting trees in a pot is also a big help. It could add beauty in your lawn and could also help reduce the effects of global warming, which is one example of environmental problems. Trees cool our home and increases property value.

Trees are pleasurable in many ways. Examples are, trees are the home of the songbirds, trees help avoid soil erosion in the rivers and streams, trees could block cold winds and could also provide shade for you and even your home which can slightly reduce your air conditioning use.

In other way, placing our garbage in a proper disposal could also help reduce our environmental problems and making our earth a happy place to live in. Being this so clean in our environment makes us a better person. In this acts we could invite other people in helping making our nature a simple, happy, fulfilling place to live. Proper garbage disposal is our ticket in making also our environmental problems disappear. In this acts we could help in promoting cleanliness in our community and thus helping in reaching our goal in making this earth a peaceful healthy place to live.  In pursuing this dream we should all start by applying it in our home. Let’s all start planting trees in our backyard and manage our waste properly.


Environmental problems effect and solution

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Environmental Problems effect and solution

Many environmental problems nowadays cause us too many kinds of illness. This air pollution, global warming, hazardous waste, air pollution, land pollution, and water pollution are just some of the environmental problems that we encounter in our daily struggles in life. All of this environmental problems causing our health to struggle, little by little this environmental problems would suddenly lead us all to death.

In many studies, these environmental problems causes only one effect to human raise, this is death. We all could fight this all environmental problems by just simply cleaning our surrounding and by not dumping our garbage anywhere. Let’s all start this cleaning event in our home. In this way we all could help our mother earth.



Air Pollution

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Air Pollution

The atmosphere is one that makes us all alive. But in recent years, our surrounding is not that much joyous place to live. It’s because of this one reason that we do not know how to protect our earth. There’s a lot of garbage we encounter in our surroundings. In this case, environmental problems occurs. And when this happens, all of us would really suffer. Then suddenly sickness would occur. Second hand smoking for instance could still add to this problems that we have now a days.


Air pollution is really scary. This thing could lead us all to death in the future if we don’t make any move now. This kind of environmental problems is very much disastrous in anybody’s health. Either this environmental problems could also reduce a child’s IQ, many studies has proved of these.  Because exposure to air pollution of the pregnant women could significantly reduce the baby’s IQ, smoking is the number one example of this air pollution.

Environmental Problems

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There are a lot of environmental problems that affects the world now a day. Some of this we’re so harmful to all of us, and may led all of us to death. One example of this the Global warming, it is also known as the greenhouse effect. The effects of there were the droughts, hurricanes and floods. And this incident really kills a lot of people. Most recently in Japan which causes a lot of people to suffer from that tsunami shocks. Also this flood that occurs in Saudi Arabia, which could get curiosity to mostly all of us. How could this dessert country encounter this kind of calamity? We’ll in this case, GOD only knows. And also the calamity in Australia, which causes a lot of people’s death.

Hazardous waste also is one example of environmental problems. All of us produce this kind of environmental problems. People often don’t know if they throw garbage in the streets, which normally what we all do. In this case people don’t realize that this could cause a lot o problem in our environment. This eventually causes a lot of sickness in mostly all of us. Industries have often displayed an unwillingness to find ways to deal with hazardous waste because of the expenses associated with it. People seem to notice these, but didn’t seem to care.

Air Pollution is the most common environmental problems that we all noticed and sometimes put to UN cared.  This type of environmental problems is a part of our daily living. Ever y time we breathe we all risk in inhaling polluted gases, which could normally causes all of us in becoming ill. UN pleasant smell of water causes the air to become hazardous. In the sense that living in that particular place could not be that pleasant.  Throwing garbage, dead bodies of animals in the river could be that one cause of this what we call water pollution. This problem is so severe that it is not actually illegal to dump pollutants in some body of water. Government in the other hand doesn’t put actions in trying to have solutions on these problems that mostly all of us suffer in the end. So why wait for them to act if we are capable to do so.  Let us love our nature for it is our children’s children who will benefit these good acts that we are about to do. So that Generations to generation could not inherit this awful pollutions that we all have this days.

To overcome these environmental problems all of us should know how to clean our surroundings. And this could start at home, and all other shall follow.

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